Little Wars and Floor Games by HG Wells

Cover of original 1st Edition
Hi all,

Yes, eyes are better, head is better and plenty of games to play-test, review, and talk about, but no time, lol. 

However, here is another pdf for you to grab from Project Gutenberg. It is the pdf of H.G. Wells "Little Wars", a game for boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys' games and books.

First published in 1913 and designed for the toy soldiers of that time period.

You can pick up the pdf from here - or click on the book cover to the left.  

H.G. Wells playing a game of Little Wars. Yes, this newspaper drawing is public domain,
created in 1913. Not sure why it disappeared, but if Google does it again, this will be war. 

H. G. Wells playing a wargame with W. Britain toy soldiers according to the rules of Little Wars. Wells is using a piece of string cut to a set length of the distance for his soldiers to move. An umpire sits in a chair with his stopwatch timing Wells. Wells' opponent waits for his turn to move and fire his cannon at Wells' soldiers.

I have wrote before that my first gaming was with a copy of Little Wars found in my elementary school library.  My friend Larry M and I would use his plastic ACW soldiers, fighting Vicksburg between the godless blue bellies of the North and the Gentlemen of the South. Instead of string for measuring, we got our butts whupped by our Dads as we used their measuring tapes, thereby getting dirt into them and rendering said items useless accordingly to our Dads (I believe that was used as an excuse for them to buy more measuring tapes).  We actually shot at the plastic men with a BB gun. Lucky for us we didn't put out an eye.  It wasn't too much later we picked up a copy of Avalon Hills Gettysburg and started playing that, forgetting about dirt, toy soldiers, bb guns and measuring tapes.

Cover of 1st Ed of Floor Games - 1911
Also as an added bonus is what most consider to be a companion book to Little Wars, though it was published earlier in 1911. This is "Floor Games", the jolliest indoor games for boys and girls demand a floor.

Available for free from Gutenberg by clicking on the book cover to the right or

One needs to remember when these were written and also to realize that they are not simulations, BUT fun games.

Enjoy, while we are on forced separation from each other. Take the time to play with your children and above all, have fun.

One can constructed the houses and trees from cardboard. The people can be blocks of wood and instead of cannons that fire, fling rubber bands.  Your children can draw and color the art work. Just use your imagination.

Cover of Knights and Magick
And one more great freebie deal from Jeff McAleer and the Gaming Gang - 

Note - no longer available as a free download. May 4 2020 was the last day. However still worth the $ for the pdf.  And no, the Bun does not get a kickback, just a nice set of retro rules from an era gone bye.

Jeff McAleer has graciously put his Knights and Magick - medieval combat and fantasy gaming rules for a free download during this trying time. 

Knights and Magick was first published by Heritage Games for their 25mm medieval (and fantasy) miniature line back in 1980. I had a copy of it and lost it, so I purchased a set of the .pdf rules from him.  

Now you are there, beneath the waving banners – a leader of knights and bowmen eager for battle and glory in the glittering Age of Chivalry. The Priest raises his great cross and steel whispers as your knights draw swords. Bowmen let fly their shafts as the great warhorses’ hooves paw the earth and thunder into a charge.

Or you can lead the forces of darkness – a powerful sorcerer conjuring monsters and demons, wrecking the very earth, commanding armies of foul creatures in a campaign of conquest.

So don your armor and ready your book of spells, for- through the hobby of Adventure Gaming with miniature figures – you are about to enter the enchanted realm of Knights and Magick. -excerpt from the rules

Stay safe, don't be a hoarder, think of others, and have fun with your family during this trying stage of this year.


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  1. "Stay safe, don't be a hoarder, think of others, and have fun with your family during this trying stage of this year."

    All good advice...but what is the story behind, "Don't be a hoarder"?

    Thanks for the HG Wells bit!

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  3. LOL, just to correct my English - dang no way to edit with Blogger. Ok, here is what I said -

    The story? Look around. Another name is "CUPBOARD QUISLING".

    BTW, the more fun game is Knights and Magick. It's part RPG and mini rules. Grab some plastic knights and toy dinosaurs from Amazon, paint them up, and instant mini's for the game. My youngest grandchild and I made our own. With her drawing, both of us coloring them and cutting them out of card board. Good enough for us and she beat my socks off - not bad for a 7 year old. :)

    And thank you for taking the time to comment.


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