This page is what the title says - just miscellaneous files I made that are available for download. Be sure to follow the rules for use.
  1. The game maps are copyrighted to the respected companies, due to using their game name.
  2. Counters, game aids, play charts (i.e. the other files here) or copyrighted by me. However you may reproduce them as much as you want for your games. 
  3. You may not charge, sell, change, or post any of these files on any website, BBS, internet storage such as cloud storage, blogs, or put on media of any kind, outside of your hard drive or usb thumb drive.
Fighting Eagles Scenarios and Game Maps
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All of the  Fighting Eagles scenarios and maps are zipped into one file. Click on the Fokker to the left.

Misc Files
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You ever get confused over, what math symbol is greater than or less than and can't remember the little jingles?  Here is a printable pdf file showing those little confusing symbols that seem to become more and more in use. Click to download.  Not copyrighted.

Counters for games
Blown Bridge and Game Turn
Blown Bridge and Game Turn counters - This is a set of counters with a "game turn" and "bridge blown up". You never know when you might need some of these. On this sheet are versions for 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes. It is single sided, but there should be enough for any game that might need a counter like this instead of using a coin.
Flak and Ground Hits
Flak and Ground Explosion - Don't let the small size fool you. Available in 3/4 inch size are 8 flak markers and 8 ground explosions. You can either enlarge or shrink down if you need. Make these as  single sided or fold in half to have ground explosions on back of the flak counters.
FE Players Aid
Fighting Eagles Player Aid Chart - Has the regular card breakdown, and other information for the game Fighting Eagles.
New FE AA counters

Additional counters for Fighting Eagles - dummy AAA and chit counters 1 thru 6. Large for 1" but  can be shrunk down for the size you like.
New counters
Fateful Days 1914 alternate counters - for Pocket Game #3 (TPS). I had to redo those counters, just had to. Otherwise I could not see the abstract numbers.  Enjoy these.

Game Maps And Scenarios
New Nam Map

Showtime Hanoi Game map for pocket game #3 "Showtime Hanoi". An 8x8 grid on a genuine RF-4C photo recon image. Enjoy.
Head Honcho Map

Head Honcho Game Map - Additional game map of "Mig Alley" in 1" squares. Set for 11x17 but can be shrunk down to fit 8.5x11 if you like small game maps. This is genuine satellite imagery.